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March 2023

Traveled to Iraq (Assyria).

I'm in Nahla while writing this. An Assyrian village in northern Iraq. A place where the villagers still hunt their food and grow their crops. The last few days have been both emotional and tasty. I'll post about it on Instagram and YouTube. Make sure you're following me there.

Podcast with Fan of History

Participated in a podcast with Fan of History. I talked about my upcoming book but also a lot about beer and Mesopotamian history. If you haven't listened already, do it here.

Featured in two Swedish newspapers

Translating some of the excerpts:

"Probably Sweden's most passionate cookbook author."

"Eat like a 4000-year-old god."

Date beer progress

After many unsuccessful attempts, we finally made date beer. We're still working on perfecting the taste. The goal is to make it into a recipe that you'll be able to recreate at home.

Two new YouTube videos

I hope you’re enjoying the episodes so far. This month we (me and my sister) published two more. One about the Sumerian porridge Zizga. And another about the Assyrian queen Naqia.

Wrote a new chapter – Ashur

I just finished this chapter before visiting Ashur – Assyria's first capital. Ashur was the name of the city and the god who lived there. It was unbelievable to see and recognize the geography of the place after reading so much about it. So what did they eat in Ashur? Meat. After all, it was Ashur's favorite food.

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