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Hello. Silim. Shlomo.

My name is Arim Hawsho, and I'm writing a cookbook–Table of Gods

With roots from ancient Mesopotamia, I’ve spent several years recreating the world's oldest recipes. I’ve used the help of chefs and scholars. And traveled to Mesopotamia several times to immerse myself in the world's oldest cuisine.


With my background as a screenwriter, I try to weave more than just food into my writing. My goal is to take you back to the cradle of civilization. 

Arim Salci

Got a Sweet tooth?

Our interpretation of the world's oldest cookies – Mersu. Only episat mersi (makers of mersu) knew of the recipe in ancient Mesopotamia. But not anymore. 

We’ve sent you an email with the recipe. If it’s not in your primary inbox, check your other inboxes.

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