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November 2023

Pricing – latest updates.

Last month I mentioned that Table of Gods could cost up to 200 USD per copy. What’s driving the cost is the coffee table format with 350-400 pages of premium art paper, a foiled and embossed cover, painted edges, and an exclusive book box. I’m committed to making the book “a wonder for all peoples” (as the Assyrian king Sennacherib described his hanging gardens in Nineveh).

BUT there’s a way to get the cost per copy down. And that’s to print more copies. To do that, I need more buyers. What’s positive is that I had a monthly record of new signups for the book’s waiting list in November. And if you want to help, tell someone who loves history and food to visit I hope to reduce the cost per copy to under 200 USD by the Kickstarter launch this spring. I’ll keep you posted!

Got my first book blurb

For those of you who don’t know who Simo Parpola is, he’s a legend among Assyriologists and Near Eastern scholars. Even legends like Irving Finkel (another Assyriologist) refer to Parpola as a legend. Professor Parpola has been reading parts of my manuscript and wrote a blurb. It wasn’t actually meant as a blurb, but I asked him if I could use it as such, and he gladly agreed.

“In praising the deeds of the Sargonid kings you have exceeded even the Assyrian scribes. I hope it will encourage modern Assyrians to take pride in the achievements of their ancestors.” – Simo Parpola

Simo Parpola deciphering fragments of cuneiform tablets.

Photo shoot in January

We’re having a second photo shoot in January. The first was in May 2021, when I thought I’d release the book by the fall of 2021. Almost three years later I’ll be back in the studio with the chefs of Table of Gods (my parents), a food stylist, and one of Sweden’s most renowned food photographers. I’ll be sharing daily updates from the studio on my Instagram, so be sure to follow me there if you’re interested.

200,000 views on YouTube

Some of you have asked when the next YouTube episode is coming. Writing the book manuscript has taken up most of my time lately, so I haven’t been able to produce new long-form episodes. But I’m glad to see that videos I released months ago keep getting viewed, and that the channel reached over 200,000 views by mid-november. I do, however, have a lot of new episodes planned. If you want to be reminded when I release the next one, subscribe to the channel.

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