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March 2024

Last Chance to Be a Recipe Tester.

After five years of researching, cooking, and editing, the recipes in Table of Gods are done. To make every recipe 100 percent waterproof, my goal is to have five people try every recipe before I print the book.


With 60 recipes, that means I need 300 people. Actually, more since some recipe categories are more popular than others. So far, 217 of you have joined as recipe testers, which is incredible. Thank you!


If you want to join this exclusive group and cook a recipe from my book, write to and let me know your preferences: meat, fish, vegetarian, vegan, baked goods, or beer.


*if you’ve already written to me about being a recipe tester, you don’t have to do anything. I’ll send you a recipe according to your preferences in mid-April :)

Kickstarter Postponed

Some of you have received this progress email for more than a year now. I know you’re wondering when the book will be done.


I take my work and mission seriously. My drive comes from building a portal to a lost civilization I have my roots in. It means the world to me that it’s represented with every detail carefully thought about, and with respect to its historical significance.


As I’m nearing the completion of this project, I’m not willing to rush the last details or leave anything to chance.


As I wrote a few progress updates back, I will pre-sell Table of Gods on Kickstarter and use the funds to print the book. The final product will be an exclusive coffee table book, printed on art paper, and packaged in a customized box. When all recipes have been tested, there are mainly three things to complete:


1. Finalize all the historical texts in the book. I’ll send these texts to my editor in April.

2. Decide on the final design of the cover, interior pages, packaging box, etc.

3. Decide on printer and fulfillment warehouses.


I expect to be done with this in the fall. But as I’ve learned over the last years, things always take longer than I expect, even when I expect them to take longer than I expect. So maybe the end of the year is a more accurate guess.


Once the book is in your hands, I’m sure you’ll forgive me for my sense of urgency, and appreciate my sense of quality.


"There’s a tremendous amount of craftsmanship between the idea and the finished product. Everything great has a shared ingredient: time."

— Steve Jobs

At Stockholm Public Library a few weeks ago. I’m certain I didn’t have wrinkles when I started this project in 2019. They're proof I laugh a lot!

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