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January 2024

Photo shoot.

Almost three years have passed since the first photo shoot. The same team gathered again (my parents, sister, a food stylist, and a photographer). Since every recipe in Table of Gods starts with a short story, I always informed the team about it, and we tried to reflect the story in the recipe, props, styling, and lighting.

The team on the last day. Exhausted, proud, and relieved. 

I asked my photographer, Pelle, how we could exceed the already amazing food photography we have. Pelle had an idea that before shooting the last photo of every recipe, we’d ask ourselves, “how can we make this better?” Sometimes, we couldn’t find an answer. But oftentimes Pelle would do something with the lighting, or we’d add something to the dish that made it even better.


I had a hard time sleeping a week straight before the photo shoot. But after shooting for five days, I’m proud and somewhat surprised to say that we exceeded my expectations. I’ll be sharing some of the photos on my Instagram later in February.

Photography from the photoshoot in 2021.


Across Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and my waiting list at, I have close to 30,000 followers. The reason I write this is not (only) to brag :) It's gratifying because it may reduce the book's price. As I wrote a while back, printing an art book is expensive.


If I don’t print in high volumes, I have to set the book's price at around 200 USD. But the more followers I have, especially on the waiting list at, the more confident I am that I can print more books. And the more books I print, the lower the price can be. Tell a friend or family member to join the waiting list (if they’re interested in food and history). It helps! :)

Do you want to be a recipe tester?

If you’ve already written to me about being a recipe tester, you’re on the list and I’ll get back to you when it’s time. If not, email me at and let me know what type of recipe you'd like to try: meat, fish, baked goods, beer, vegetarian, or vegan. I’ll send all the recipes to an editor in February. After her edits, I’ll send them to you so that you’ll get the best and most clear version.

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