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December 2023

65 recipes completed.

We’ve now made 65 recipes for the book, which is twice as many as I initially planned for. A recipe editor will go through all recipes in January. At the start of February, the recipes will be ready for testing.

Sourcing printers, papers, and warehouses

While it’s easy to locate the world’s best art book printers, it’s much harder to decide what paper to print on. There are hundreds, upon hundreds of papers. They all print, feel, and look different. Ordering hundreds of samples has only made me more confused. In any case, I’ll be choosing among the best available art papers, so it can’t go wrong. I’ve also been in contact with fulfillment companies across the globe. I’ll probably work with one in the US and one in the EU for more affordable shipping in these areas.

Designing maps and interior pages

Every chapter in Table of Gods starts with a travel guide to an ancient Mesopotamian city. And every city has a map. We’ve illustrated archeological contour maps, which tend to be detailed. The next step is to point out temples, palaces, walls, rivers, and roads. Along with the maps, we’ve also started to test the layout for the interior pages. Table of Gods will be a large coffee table book printed on art paper.

Signed with two editors

Table of Gods is more than just a cookbook. The purpose of the book is to take the reader back to the cradle of civilization, via all senses. But from an editing perspective, Table of Gods is two books. It’s a recipe book, which requires an experienced recipe editor. And it’s a creative historical non-fiction book (and sometimes fiction due to all the short stories/myths), which requires another type of editor. I’ve now signed with one of each.

250,000 views on YouTube

Although I haven’t had time to publish any long-form content on the platform, our short videos have also been appreciated. If you haven’t come across my YouTube channel yet, have a look here. I’ll be posting short videos weekly until I have more time to produce long-form videos again. My main focus in the upcoming months will be getting the book ready for Kickstarter.

Going forward – Kickstarter in April 2024

Kickstarter is a platform where creatives can bring their projects to life. I will pre-sell Table of Gods using Kickstarter in order to raise funds to print the book. But I want to ensure the book is completed first, hence the April date. If my Kickstarter reaches the funding goal (fingers crossed), I’ll print the book in June/July and ship it in the autumn of 2024. If you want to help me bringing Table of Gods to life, tell someone who loves food and history to sign up on the waiting list at

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