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November 2022

I'm starting a Youtube channel.

Honestly, I'm scared to death about this. But I read a helpful quote from Naval Ravikant. "Your success in life depends on your ability to make good decisions. Your happiness depends on your ability to not care about the outcomes." I will make episodes on Mesopotamian recipes, stories, cities, and more. Subscribe to the channel here. The first episode comes out in December.

We launched the website

After spending four months building — the launch was a blast. The post I shared on Facebook got 71 shares and went viral on Instagram as well. But what thrilled me more was that people from all over the world wrote to me. Telling me how much they appreciated the project.

New recipes

We've been focusing on sweet recipes this month. Here are pictures of how it looks when we create a new recipe. We always make at least three versions and vote for the winner. After that, we make three new versions of that winner. And so on. We usually iterate like this 10-20 times. Until the recipe turns so good, we could offer it to the Mesopotamian gods.

Claimed @tableofgods

After months of trying to claim the user name @tableofgods on Instagram, we finally succeeded. If you aren't following @tableofgods on Instagram, do it here. If Facebook is your thing, here's our page. You'll get behind-the-scenes moments and updates frequently.

Inana Freja was born

After two boys, we finally had a little girl. We named her after the goddess of war and love in Mesopotamia and Scandinavia. Ishtar – as people in the Neo-Assyrian empire called her – has always inspired me. With three kids under the age of four, effectiveness just got way more important. I read a book called "Deep Work" by Cal Newport. I recommend it to anyone who doesn't have an infinite amount of time.

Have you tried this recipe yet?

We've added the metric system of measurement after one of our followers from France, Jean, pointed this out. So if you’re outside of the US you can have the recipe instructions in deciliters instead of cups, and so on. You will find this option at the top of each recipe page. If you've already tried any recipes, let me know your thoughts at! If not, click here to get the recipe.

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