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February 2023

Completed a new chapter – Lagash.

Lagash has been featured in many news sites lately. Recently, archeologists found a public tavern there, dating to 2700 BC. I will visit the place in a few months, but first, I'm traveling to northern Mesopotamia (see below).

Booked tickets to Iraq

Every chapter in Table of Gods starts in an ancient Mesopotamian city. To describe them as vividly as possible, I want to immerse myself in the areas where these cities once stood. Breathe the air, walk on the sites, speak with the locals, and imagine (with archeological evidence) these cities standing and teeming with people. So that I can bring you back there.

On this trip, I'm going to Ashur, Kalhu, Nineveh, Dur-Sharrukin, and the aqueducts of king Sennacherib. And then ending it with celebrating the Akitu festival. Just like people did in the same area 5,000 years ago.

Made some beer progress

After experiencing our beer turning moldy twice and tasting like lemon once, we have finally made some progress. We’ll work on perfecting the recipe and improving the taste over the next month. Follow us on Instagram to see our progress.

Published two YouTube episodes

One is about the world's oldest recipes. The other is about the epic battle between Sargon II and king Rusa in 714 BC. We also reached 500 subscribers. If you're one of them, thank you! If not, why not? :)

Two appearances on Swedish national radio

After being on Swedish national TV twice, Sweden's largest radio channel reached out. On two occasions, I served food from Table of Gods and talked about my project for around 12-15 minutes.

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