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December 2022

I was featured on Sweden’s largest news media – SVT.

The 2 min reportage was published on SVT’s website and shown during the TV morning news. In the evening, SVT decided to show it during prime time, with a news anchor presenting me to the entire country. That was a weird experience. But a great one. Here’s a link to the reportage.

The first YouTube video was released

We released the first channel trailer on YouTube. It’s under 2 minutes, so if you haven’t watched it, do it here. We'll release the first episode in early January – so make sure you’re subscribed to the channel.

Live interview with Assyria TV

I did an hour-long live interview in English with Assyria TV about my upcoming book. I plan to make a shorter version of the interview. But if you can’t wait and have the time, watch it here.

I did a four-day water fast

I got inspired by the Limitless documentary on Disney. The biggest lesson I learned is that life = food. Not the other way around. Another lesson I learned is the importance of endurance. Much of life is about endurance. No matter what the aim is. Anyway, I'll never do it again. Especially not while writing a cookbook, haha. Maybe for 24 hours, but not 96 hours. That’s brutal.

I recruited my first employee

Since summer, my sister Diala has contributed to the website, recipes, Social Media, YouTube, and much more. Being everything I’m not (logical, practical, intelligent, etc), she’s a great addition to my one-player team. Starting in January, Diala will be working with me full-time for a year or as long as she can stand me.

Goals in 2023

We have two goals in 2023. The first is to build a community of followers. The second is to pre-sell Table of Gods. We need to pre-sell the book to have funds to print it. And to succeed with a pre-selling campaign, we need enough followers who will buy the book. I'll still spend most of my time researching and writing, but will devote a lot to YouTube, Social Media, Podcasts, and so on to get the word out as well.

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