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May 2023

Served beer on channel 4 (in Sweden).

This was the second time I was invited to talk about my book on live TV in Sweden. This time I served beer, inspired by the world’s oldest beer recipe written as a hymn to the beer goddess, Ninkasi. The anchors were happy. If you want to watch their reactions, click here. Many people reached out to ask if they could order the beer. I have to focus on finishing my book, so I can’t brew more right now. But who knows, maybe you’ll be able to buy the world’s oldest beer in the future :)

New website with progress bars

It was time to update the website again. The big news is that you can follow the progress of the project in percentage. If you go to “progress” in the menu, you'll see four bars that make up most of the project. I’ll be updating the progress once a month. My goal is still to finish the book in 2023. And I'm on the right track.

Two new YouTube episodes

This month I released two mythological episodes. One about Inanna's descent to the underworld and one about Gilgamesh and his quest for immortality. Watch them for entertainment and eternal life lessons. We have now released 10 YouTube episodes since the turn of the year, covering everything from food, kings, queens, and myths. Go to the channel here.

New chapter – Mari 1770 BC

Each chapter in Table of Gods takes place in a city during a certain era. Now it was time for Mari 1770 BC. After reading several books about the city, it feels like I've been there. Mari was a city with two circular walls. With more than 25,000 clay tablets from the area, scholars know a great deal about the city and what was served on the table of gods. Many of the recipes in Mari will be inspired by these cuneiform texts. If you’re interested in reading a chapter from the book over the summer, write back and let me know.

Talked on a food podcast

I participated in one of Sweden's largest food podcasts. I offered several recipes from different chapters in Table of Gods. Among other things, we talked about the art of cooking in ancient Mesopotamia. And how I, as a Swedish-Assyrian, see similarities between the food I grew up with and recipes written on 4,000-year-old clay tablets. Listen to the episode here. I’ll try to participate in more English podcasts in the upcoming months. I already made one with Fan of History that you can listen to here on Spotify or Apple podcasts.

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