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June 2023

I completed the manuscript.

The most important news from June is that I’ve finally finished writing the book manuscript. After about 4.5 years of writing, it's certainly something I'm proud of. But it's not time to celebrate just yet. In July, I will review everything I’ve written with fresh eyes and then edit and improve my texts. Then I’ll send it to beta readers and edit it again based on their feedback. After that, I’ll send it to editors, whose comments will lead to another round of editing. In the final stage, I’ll send the manuscript to proofreaders and edit it again. I expect to complete all of this during the autumn. As I’ve mentioned before, the goal is to finish the book in 2023.

30,000 views on YouTube

Since the beginning of the year, we (I – and my sister, who edits the episodes) have been publishing two YouTube episodes every month. This month was no exception, and both episodes were beer-inspired. We now have over 1,300 subscribers on our channel and reached 30,000 views a few days ago. In total, our videos have been watched for over 2,000 hours. While all this is exciting, producing videos where we set the bar high takes time. And since the book is my top priority, it's not certain that we can maintain the same pace in the second half of the year. What motivates us to continue, though, is all the positive feedback we’ve received from people watching our videos.

Article about our beer in Swedish newspaper

Our ancient beer continues to generate interest. I’ve already appeared on channel 4 in Sweden, and now the largest local newspaper in Sweden has written an article about our beer. I’ve received many inquiries from people who want to buy or taste our beer. My vision is that it will be possible in the future, but right now, my focus is on finishing the book. Warren Buffett and Bill Gates agree that the most important factor for success is focus, and I think I agree with them.

Radio appearance

I appeared on one of Sweden’s largest radio channels, Mix Megapol, and briefly talked about Table of Gods. I also brought beer in a cooler bag that I served during the live broadcast. If you for some reason understand Swedish, you can listen to the clip here (from minute 31:00).

Goals for July

In July, our main focus is to create new recipes for the book. I’ve come up with several ideas based on the research I’ve done in recent weeks. Follow @tableofgods on Instagram to see how these recipe tests take shape. The second goal is to edit the manuscript and send it to beta readers for feedback. In the back of my mind, I also have our YouTube channel – which I know many of you appreciate – and I will do my utmost to produce on that front as well.

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